Brita 10 cup BPA Free Stream Water Filter (Gray)

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Best Everyday Water Filter Pitcher - 4.3/5

Everyone knows about Brita, but its hard to know which model of Brita is the best.  

My vote goes for the Brita 10 cup BPA Free Stream Water Filter.  

Its NSF/ANSI 42 certified and will reduce chlorine taste and odor and zinc reduction and is also NSF/ANSI 53 certified for the reduction of cadmium, copper and mercury.  

This unit has a controlled pour spout for filling bottles.  It comes with one filter and removes chlorine, odor and impurities from tap water.  The Filter lasts about 2 months. 

If you care about the taste and smell of your water and an excellent everyday unit, this is one of the best water filters.  

  1. Clean skin and apply lotion/serum on skin and get the device ready for use.
  2. Massage area of skin with it for up to 10 minutes each part per day.
  3. Treatment shall not be over 20 minutes on same skin area.
  4. System will automatically stop after 10 minutes.
  5. Clean skin area and device after use.