Brita 24 Oz BPA-Free 6-Cup Amalfi Pitcher in White

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Best Budget Water Filter - 3.7/5

The 24 OZ BPA-Free 6-Cup Amalfi Pitcher delivers great tasting water by reducing contaminants through the filter. The pitcher is designed to fit in the refrigerator and holds up to 48 oz. of delicious, refreshing water.  

If you are looking for a cheaper, inexpensive water pitcher that gets the job done, this is one of our top recommendations.  

  1. Clean skin and apply lotion/serum on skin and get the device ready for use.
  2. Massage area of skin with it for up to 10 minutes each part per day.
  3. Treatment shall not be over 20 minutes on same skin area.
  4. System will automatically stop after 10 minutes.
  5. Clean skin area and device after use.